New from Essentra Components Knowledge Centre – “How does the injection moulding process work?”

Plastic components are frequently just a simple everyday object, but often it is important to know how they are made in order to make informed choices about design, production and supply. Essentra Components offer a new Knowledge Centre Guide with accompanying video to help.

The guide explains that injection moulding is most commonly used by manufacturers to create plastic components. A complex process, it has the ability to mass produce small and detailed components at a consistently high-quality. This is the main reason the process is used by manufacturers across the world, including Essentra Components.

The animation shows the whole process of creating a plastic component through injection moulding. From taking and melting the raw plastic, to moulding it into its form and processing it ready for final use. Other related guides include:

  • How Does Injection Moulding Work?
  • How injection moulding data can lead to higher quality parts
  • How to avoid common injection moulding issues

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