Multi-size and multi-frequency oscillators provide high stability

The Kyocera Z series surface mount type clock oscillators, now available from Rutronik UK, offer high stability combined with low current consumption.

With three models (Z series 1-3) in five sizes each, the Z series provides easy to use clock oscillators. To ensure high productivity and a short lead-time, the Z series adopts a new platform structure: every model shares the same common head unit, while the bases vary in size. As crystal, package and IC each consist of common material, the Z series is available at a very competitive price.

Z series 1 covers a frequency range from 1.5MHz to 160MHz by a custom IC with PLL function. Within the regular operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C, it grants a frequency stability of +/- 20ppm. At higher temperatures up to 125°C, the stability is still at +/-30ppm. The lead-time for series 1 is just one day.

Z series 2 offers the same specifications as Series 1 but comes with an improved frequency stability of +/- 2ppm. Samples are available fully programmed to the required frequency and stability within one week.  Combining the very tight frequency tolerance of series 2 with tailor made crystals to bypass PLL for a low jitter performance, Z series 3 is the flagship of Kyocera’s new oscillators. It features a frequency range from 24MHz to 60MHz. Samples of this series are available within a lead-time of seven weeks.

Each series works with a supply range from 1.71V to 3.63V and has a current consumption of 2.85mA. Further features are a CMOS output and an enable/disable function. They are available with automotive grade AEC-Q100/200 as well. Target applications include consumer, networking and industrial.

More information on the Kyocera Z-Series is available on the e-commerce platform (where orders can also be placed directly):

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