MPD’s new C2032 lithium battery holder P/N BU2032SM-FH-GTR

Part number “BU2032SM-FH-GTR” holds a single CR2032 Lithium battery.

Built with reliability as the first ideal, it’s designed to meet the stresses of hand held portable applications. A heavy duty plastic body and robust battery contacts meet those requirements for typical medical or consumer type products. 2 Notches in the holders base make it easy to key the holder to the pcb.

Contacts were specifically designed for the rigors of portable applications and have gold-flash over nickel plating onto a phosphor bronze base metal. The contacts feature low electrical resistance and offer intermittent free connections.

Typical applications include computer motherboards, garage door openers, heart-rate monitors, keyless entry, glucose monitors, TV remotes, alarm control, toys & games

  • Self-extinguishing and flame-retardant properties conform with the UL 94 standard.
  • Reinforced with glass fibers, LCP’s are particularly outstanding in terms of their elastic modulus and strength. LCP replicates metal by offering a tensile strength and modulus close to aluminum.
  • Lower profile than other competing products at <5.3 mm height above the PCB
  • Excellent chemical & humidity resistance, can withstand multiple applications of common sterilization methods like autoclave, chemical, ETO, radiation, hot steam and hot air.
  • Resists shock, vibration, and is one-meter drop tested.
  • Light weight, 0.93g
  • Designed to accept CR2032 lithium coin cell batteries
  • 260ºC reflow or wave solder compatible
  • Bifurcated contacts that resist corrosion
  • LCP is halogen, PFOS, and PFOA free, as well as SVHC, REACH, RoHS 2, and WEEE compliant.

CR2032 cells typically offer approximately >220 mAh of power in a compact package, making them perfect for circuits with low power requirements.    CR2032 and DL2032 cells are used for primary power or backup power.

Common Lithium  Manganese Dioxide primary or backup cells and rechargeables.


CR2032 DL2032 ML2032 LIR2032
VCR2032 ECR2032 5004LC KCR2032
P189-ND 81-CR2032 658-CR2032 GPCR2032
13C1019 CSO-CR2032 SB-T15 RFA-35

Delivery is normally from distributor stock, or after a short waiting period.

For more information: Contact info:    Phone: 631-249-0001


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