Miniature Photo electric sensors PM-25/ 45/ 65 series from Panasonic new at Bürklin

Panasonic introduces their U-shaped micro photoelectric sensors. They are re-designed and one step ahead in terms of performance and mounting handling.

The big orange operation indicator lights up when the beam enters. The indicator is easy to see from right, left and above. The beam emitting and receiving sections are 0.5 mm thinner than those on Panasonic’s conventional models while their external dimensions are the same. As a result, the distance between the beam emitting point and receiving point increased by 1 mm. The wider distance means less possibility of collision between the sensing section and sensing object.

All models are standardly equipped with protection circuits in their compact bodies. These protection circuits minimize the possibility of sensor malfunctions caused by erroneous wiring. Those sensors have industry’s first IP64 rating as the integrated molding method has eliminated grooves and gaps on the sensing surface and main body, thus reducing the possibility of malfunctions caused by splashing water or dust.  The sensor unit can be quickly installed with M2 or M3 screws. Further all sections where stress concentrates, such as the connecting section of the cable and internal circuit, are covered with a resin. This helps prevent malfunctions caused by vibrations and impacts. Major application is the proper pallet detection and sensing of starting points, overruns, moving bodies or rotating point and objects.

All new Panasonic miniature Photo electric sensors are available directly from stock, starting with order code 28G1480 at www.bü .

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