Micro-OLEDs and mini-TFTs


Sharp displays in postage stamp format.

DISPLAY VISIONS GmbH is offering graphic displays in a miniature format with various panel technologies. The OLED displays excel with sharp contrasts in all viewing directions. The same goes for the colour IPS-TFT displays, which are also optionally equipped with a touch surface.

The micro-displays from DISPLAY VISIONS GmbH are hardly bigger than a stamp. These graphic displays are available in both OLED and IPS-TFT technology versions. The OLED displays of the EA W096016 series are 0.84 inches in size. 96 by 16 white pixels sit on an active surface of 21 by 3.5 millimetres in size. Since OLED pixels themselves light up and therefore do not require backlighting the whole module is only 1.3 millimetres thick. And the graphic controller SSD1306B is already integrated! The display can reach a brightness of up to 150 cd/m², with a contrast ratio of 200:1. Thanks to the OLED technology, there are no losses of contrast even at extremely oblique viewing angles. Even at an operating temperature of -40° Celsius, the response time is extremely short at 10 microseconds. The module is available with either solder tail and I²C bus to stamp solder or with ZIF plug connection and I²C bus plus SPI interface. 

Strong contrast, also in colour 

With a 0.96-inch screen size, the coloured TFT-IPS displays of the EA TFT009-81 series are a little bigger. Therefore, they also possess a resolution of 160 by 80 pixels on an active surface of just under 22 by 11 millimetres. Thanks to IPS technology with “All Angle Colour Stability” Management (AACS), the colours and contrasts remain virtually unchanged even with changing viewing angles. They can be used without losses of quality in portrait (80 x 160) or landscape format (160 x 80). The brightness of the displays is typically 500 cd/m². This makes them suitable for many different applications in industry and medicine, even in direct sunlight. Despite a thickness of only 1.5 millimetres (without backlighting and touch panel), the graphic controller ST7735S is already integrated into the displays. It is controlled via a 3 or 4-wire SPI interface, which is excellently suited to pin-saving applications. It is connected directly to the board by stamp soldering. The EA TFT009-81AITC version is additionally equipped with a PCAP touch panel, which is read out via an I²C bus by flexible lead. 

All micro- and mini-displays are readily available. DISPLAY VISIONS GmbH guarantees comprehensive support and long-term availability.  


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