Kassow Robots partners with industrial automation partner in the US

Kassow Robots, a developer of 7-axis cobot solutions for machine tending, material handling, and related applications, has partnered with Gibson Engineering.

Gibson Engineering is a value-added distributor of automation solutions serving manufacturers in all industries in the northeastern U.S., from Maine to Maryland. The KR series of lightweight 7-axis collaborative robots supplements Gibson Engineering’s solutions to efficiently complete light manufacturing operations in the medical, semiconductor, and electronics industries.

“Gibson Engineering’s long-established operation gives Kassow Robots the opportunity to work with world-class manufacturers in the U.S. that can benefit from strong, fast, and simple cobots,” says Dieter Pletscher, the head of global sales at Kassow Robots.

The 7-axis cobots offer speed and power combined with a long reach and a high degree of flexibility to work in tight and awkward spaces. The KR series can handle payloads up to 18 kg and reach up to 1800 mm, allowing customers to automate a variety of physically demanding and/or repetitive tasks. The seventh axis enables continuous dispensing, welding, and material removal applications, regardless of access angle, without the need to reorient the arm.

“The KR 7-axis cobots use workspaces efficiently and give programmers more options for completing tasks than traditional 6-axis devices,” says Rob MacDonald, director of sales and marketing at Gibson Engineering. “The combination of performance, ease of use, and safety makes the Kassow cobots a great addition to our product portfolio.”

Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) without robotics specialists can carry out complex automation and programming cost-effectively and independently with Kassow Robots solutions. The cobots are perfect for limited-space retrofits and applications such as machine tending, pick-and-place tasks, quality inspection, and palletizing.

Kassow Robots

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