Introducing the Latest Generation of UNI-T Multimeters

UNI-T multimeters are the most popular measuring instruments because of their outstanding durability and superior price/performance ratio. We now have twelve new generation goods available in our stock offering. (two minutes of reading)

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You have known UNI-T measuring devices from SOS electronic portfolio for many years. They have recently extended our portfolio by 12 new and interesting products from the category of handheld, clamp, and desktop multimeters. SOS electronic product specialist Martin Brestovič prepared a short summary of the latest UNI-T multimeters from our portfolio of measuring technology.

Best-selling products from Uni-T measurement technology

Handheld Uni-T multimeters

UT 601 – cost-effective and very useful wide-range multimeter, especially for capacitors and resistors – resolution from 0.1 pF and 0.01 Ohm.

UT 58 C – digital multimeter U, I, R, C, T, f, D plus buzzer, or in other words, a classic in modern clothing. Manual selection of ranges, measurement of temperature, frequency, capacity, as well as the maximum measured current up to 20 A AC/DC

UT 125 C – digital multimeter 3 3/4, 4000, U, I, R, C, f, buzzer. Small but durable multimeter with automatic selection of ranges. Also ideal as a “second” device for every workshop

UT191T – Digital Multimeter 6000, TRMS U, I, R, C, f, D, LoZ AC, Buzzer, AUTO, IP65. It is a new generation of durable multimeters also for electricians. They have high input protection against overload, resistance to dust and water, the possibility of measuring at a lower input impedance (LoZ), as well as with the use of a “low-pass” filter to filter out disturbing influences – higher frequencies.

UT116A – digital handheld multimeter LCD 3000, U, R, C, D. Specialist in measuring the passive components and diodes, also measures voltage and continuity. Automatic selection of ranges, measuring probes in the shape of tweezers.

Clamp Uni-T multimeters

UT216C – clamp multimeter of higher class U, I, R, f, T, c, TRMS, max. value up to 6000, high accuracy up to 400 Hz AC quantities and analogue bar graph. Measurement in dark spaces is facilitated by the built-in light with white LED. Economical power supply using three 1.5V cells (AAA/R03).

UT 211 B – clamp multimeter U, I, R, C, auto, TRMS. A unique measuring device with a resolution of 0.1mA AC, which measures both AC and DC quantities. The maximum value is up to 6000, a non-contact voltage tester is also built in.

UT220 – clamp multimeter D63mm U, I, R, D, auto. Universal clamp multimeter with large jaw opening, maximum AC/DC current up to 2000 A.

UT206B  – clamp multimeter LCD 6000, TRMS, U, I, R, C, f, T, D, continuity. An advanced multimeter of “medium” size with many useful functions, such as temperature measurement with a resolution of 0.1°C, LoZ function and measurement up to 1000 V and 1000 A. Ideal choice for professionals.

UT207B – clamp multimeter LCD 6000, TRMS, U, I, R, C, f, T, D, continuity. This measuring device is very similar to the previous type UT206B, but it also comes with the possibility of measuring DC currents using clamps, but without temperature measurement.

UT210D – clamp multimeter LCD 2000, U, I, R, C, f, T, continuity. Miniature TRMS multimeter for AC and DC current, ideal for small spaces with a high density of measured cables.

Desktop Uni-T multimeters

UT8803E – LCD 6000 desktop digital multimeter, TRMS, U, I, R, C, D, f, T, hFE, L, continuity, SCR (thyristor) test. A new generation of desktop multimeter with automatic range selection, USB interface (PC software test CD in the package), large display, temperature probe, and an excellent price/performance ratio. A solution is suitable for production, but also for schools.

SOS electronic has extended the assortment by the best-selling measuring devices of the new generation from the UNI-T brand multimeter category. You can find them in their e-shop as stock products, immediately available for your projects.

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