Innovative, Eco-Smart Tech Pioneers, myenergi, Select Aegis’ FactoryLogix MES to Meet Rapid, Sustainable Growth Expectations

Aegis Software, a global provider of Manufacturing Operations Management Software (MOM/MES), announces that myenergi Ltd. has selected the FactoryLogix MES platform for their innovations complex manufacturing facility, located at the Humber Freeport epicenter of green technology in the UK.

Myenergi’s product innovation is driven by the rapidly evolving need to efficiently utilize domestically generated green energy, for uses that include the charging of electric vehicles, effectively without cost.

“We are seeing extraordinary growth of demand in this new industry, with expectations of perfect quality, which presents an immense positive challenge, that we see best addressed through Digital Transformation of our manufacturing practices as we accelerate growth in manufacturing capacity,” states Lee Robinson, Production Director at myenergi, who continues, “Aegis’ paperless engineering tools and IIoT-based MES platform provide us with exactly the right tools that we need to take the vision for our business to the next level.”

Utilizing the full FactoryLogix platform, including Digital Manufacturing Engineering for the creation of electronic work-instructions, a fully IIoT-connected manufacturing floor, Lean Material Logistics Management, Advanced Quality Management and Adaptive Planning, myenergi is ready to meet market opportunities, driven by recent energy cost increases for consumers, who expect simple to use, out-of-the-box solutions that manage their domestic energy generation, especially for use with their electric vehicles.

“myenergi are an inspiring example, where the combination of local technology innovation, recognition of immediate market opportunity, and creation of excellence of on-shore UK-based manufacturing, brings the agility and control needed to introduce and successfully scale their business,” states Daniel Walls, Managing Director EMEA at Aegis Software, who adds, “We are proud to be a part of myenergi’s success story, as it continues to unfold.”

FactoryLogix is a holistic and modular IIoT-based Manufacturing Operations Management platform that delivers leading-edge technology with easily configurable modules to support and execute a discrete manufacturer’s strategy towards Industry 4.0. FactoryLogix manages the entire manufacturing lifecycle: from product launch to material logistics, through manufacturing execution and quality management, to powerful analytics and real-time dashboards. This end-to-end platform helps companies accelerate product introductions, streamline processes, improve quality and traceability, reduce costs, and gain greater visibility for competitive advantage and profitability.

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