Innovative Dental Machine Requires Custom LED Assembly

All smiles for the dental equipment manufacturer thanks to our custom LED assembly

Application Characteristics

Medical and dental products have (thankfully) come a long way over the years. Today’s patients can enjoy more non-invasive treatments through innovative products that utilize water laser technology.

As leading-edge dental devices become smaller and more portable, they must maintain the same level of safety, cleanliness and performance as their more stationary counterparts — many requiring custom design solutions for their illuminated components.

When our client approached us with a long list of requirements for its dental device, we quickly provided a solution that met all client objectives and then some.

Application Requirements

For this water laser machine, the list of illumination design requirements was quite extensive:

  • The design called for a custom cable assembly with three LED socket assemblies
  • Each of the socket assemblies would house removable LEDs
  • The LEDs needed to be easy to install through the front panel
  • There was an isolation requirement to prevent the LED to excess water exposure
  • The device needed to withstand constant exposure to water and cleaning solutions

Build Your Own Indicator

Using the build your own indicator option, which allows for customization of design using standard sizes and parts, we configured a solution that customized LEDs, wire size, length, color and wire termination for the client.

CNX440 5mm Panel Mount Indicator  

Our team specified the CNX 440 Series cable assembly for its quick and easy connections between panel mounted LEDs and the power source. We then integrated the assembly onto a custom cable with three replaceable LED sockets and added high-output, waterproof lenses.

CMS442 Lens  

For this application, the blue CMS442 lens was used with the cable assembly. This threaded fresnel lens includes a watertight seal due to a retaining ring and lock washer. With NEMA 6P rating, the lens is protected from constant exposure to moisture from water and cleaning solutions.

Lenses are also available with clear and diffused lens, flanged and flangeless, multiple viewing angles, and various colors, including green, red, white and yellow.

Value-added Service

At VCC, we pride ourselves on having a seat at the table for designing medical technologies that improve the lives and safety of patients worldwide.

Our custom cable and three-socket configuration quickly and efficiently provided the client exactly what was needed for its innovative device while maximizing efficiency and reducing production costs.

Results & Benefits

Enhanced safety and long bulb life

  • by providing a solution that included a long-lasting LED that was isolated from exposure to water, we helped ensure safe operation for years to come.

Custom indicator without additional cost or production time

  • The “build your own indicator” option delivered the exact specifications needed without the costs or production time associated with a custom-made product.

Enhanced productivity and profitability for the dentist

  • With an easy-to-use illuminated solution that quickly communicates with the operator through visual indication vs. text, dental teams can perform faster treatments, thus enhancing productivity

Better dental experience for patient

  • The portable device with advanced water laser technology speeds up the process while eliminating pain during treatments that would otherwise require a drill.

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