How thermal imaging cameras can help you stay warm and reduce costs this Autumn

With rising energy costs, it is now more relevant than ever to ensure you’re not letting any cold air into your home this Autumn. That’s where thermal imaging comes in. This technology is used by a variety of industries to measure temperature and locate cold spots. Thermography is an efficient, contact-free method for finding abnormal temperatures fast, allowing you to rectifying these straight away.

By finding faults in heating systems and detecting leaks, they offer a fast and effective way to locate and resolve any issues without damaging property. This means it will be easier to ensure your home is well heated and help minimise the use of costly heating systems.

Wasted energy, in the form of thermal leaks and inefficiencies, can be identified immediately using a thermal imaging camera, examples of this include:

– Cold air entering through door and window seals

– Poorly insulated areas in walls

– Missing insulation

– Pipework

– Ventilation

There are also lots of other ways to keep warm at home in the colder months:

Layer up – this is always the obvious answer, but for good reason! Putting on an extra jumper or grabbing a blanket can really make a big difference to your body heat.

Boil the kettle – a very simple solution to feeling cold is to add heat. A hot drink will warm you up on the inside, alternatively you could fill up a hot water bottle to keep on you or pre-heat your bed sheets for later.

Close everything – make sure all windows are closed properly and locked, keep all unused rooms and cupboards shut so ensure you’re not paying to heat these too.

Get in the kitchen – simmering a soup or stew is a great way to heat up the kitchen before you even benefit from eating it.

Redecorate – rugs or carpets are a great way to make cold floors feel warmer, heavier curtains are a big help in blocking drafts and thicker bed sheets will make getting into bed that bit better.

With these energy saving tips you can help ensure the thermal efficiency of your home this Autumn!

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