High-temperature resistance meets miniaturization: Rubycon snap-in electrolytic capacitors at Rutronik

Rubycon complements the range of extremely compact components with guaranteed high-temperature resistance and long service life. This ranges from 3,000 (MXK), 5,000 (VXK), 7,000 (GXK) and 10,000 hours (NXK) at ambient temperatures up to 105 °C. Large aluminum electrolytic capacitors are increasingly used in communications equipment such as servers and communications base stations, in renewable energy sectors such as solar power, and in the automotive industry for vehicle chargers. The new Rubycon snap-in ranges now offer the opportunity for further miniaturization and the associated optimization of the cost structures of these applications. The Rubycon Snap-In electrolytic capacitors are available at www.rutronik24.com.

The rated voltage of the ultra-miniaturized VXK, NXK and MXK (upgrade) series is between 400 and 500 VDC (for MXK additionally 16-250 VDC).For the GXK series this is between 160 and 500 VDC. In addition, the capacitors benefit from wide capacitance ranges of 68 to 1,200 μF / 330 – 82000 μF (MXK), 68 to 1,200 μF (VXK); 82 to 3,900 μF (GXK); and 120 to 820 μF (NXK), respectively.

Rubycon products are manufactured under the company’s internal maxim to reduce environmentally hazardous substances and follow the EU RoHS Directive (2011/65/EU) and its amendments (2015/863/EU).


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