Heraeus Electronics to Debut New Silver Sinter Paste for Module Attach Applications at PCIM Europe

Heraeus Electronics will introduce its latest product innovation, the mAgic PE360 Silver Sinter Paste, in Hall 6, Booth 6-310 at PCIM Europe. The event will take place June 11-13, 2024 in Nuremberg, Germany. This latest advancement aims to revolutionize thermal performance in electronic manufacturing, addressing industry challenges head-on.

The mAgic PE360 Silver Sinter Paste introduces a new benchmark in Large Area Sintering (LAS) pastes, offering enhanced thermal performance compared to traditional soldering methods. Engineered to deliver a highly reliable joint with exceptional thermal conductivity, this paste overcomes the limitations of conventional soldering techniques. Lead-free and halogen-free, the mAgic PE360 ensures compliance without compromising performance or reliability.

A significant challenge in adopting sintering for module attach applications lies in effectively managing large areas. The new mAgic PE360 tackles this challenge with its superior workability and drying behavior, minimizing voiding in the paste layer. Its ability to sinter at very low pressure and temperature levels makes it ideal for sintering finished molded modules, simplifying the manufacturing process compared to conventional sinter pastes for die attach.

This substrate-baseplate interconnection offers enhanced thermal performance, empowering power module and system manufacturers to boost efficiency and performance by transitioning from soldering to sintering. With a typical thermal conductivity of ≥ 200 W/mK and excellent reliability for large area sinter connections, this product sets a new standard for quality and performance. Tailored for optimized module attach sintering applications, the mAgic PE360 Silver Sinter Paste supports both dry or wet placement and pressure sintering at temperatures of ≥ 200°C.

As pioneers in innovation, Heraeus Electronics transitions into the next era of power module attach, being among the first to offer a market-ready product for this application. Heraeus Electronics leverages extensive experience and expertise in Large Area Sintering (LAS) and provides world-class support and services to assist customers in effectively implementing this transformative technology.

Additionally, Florian Seifert, Global Product Manager at Heraeus Electronics, will present “Soldering vs. Sintering for Module Attach Applications” during the E-Mobility & Energy Storage Stage on Wednesday, June 12, 2024 at 10 a.m. The presentation will delve into the benefits of sintering technology, exploring key factors influencing performance and showcasing Heraeus Electronics’ new solution for this application.


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