Heilind Electronics Partners with TEWA, Expanding Temperature Sensor Portfolio

Heilind Electronics, a leading distributor of electronic components worldwide, has partnered with TEWA, a leading NTC thermistor and temperature probe manufacturer.

The TEWA temperature sensors line will complement Heilind’s existing sensor portfolio by adding a wide range of standard and custom temperature sensors based on NTC, PTC, RTD, TC and other sensing elements. These devices can be used for temperature measurement in consumer and industrial applications – specifically those requiring stable working temperatures between minus 80 degrees Celsius and 1000 degrees Celsius.

NTC thermistors have many advantageous features compared to other temperature sensors, including excellent thermal sensitivity, numerous physical and electrical configurations and mechanical and electrical robustness. Therefore, they remain the most versatile sensors for critical temperature sensing and control applications.

The many applications for TEWA’s sensors include HVAC products, boilers, refrigeration, automotive, instrumentation, communication and biomedical.

Heilind Electronics will be offering TEWA’s complete product portfolio of temperature sensors and thermistors. Visit Heilind’s website for more information about TEWA temperature sensor solutions.

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