Farnell Receives EMEAI Sales Performance Award 2023 from Keysight Technologies

Farnell Global, a fast and reliable distributor of products and technology for electronic and industrial system design, maintenance, and repair, has been presented with the prestigious EMEAI Sales Performance Award 2023 by Keysight Technologies.

Keysight Technologies, a global innovation partner providing design, emulation, and test solutions, commended Farnell for its exceptional performance in Keysight’s high-service distribution channel. Farnell also received recognition as the sole High Service Distributor to receive a Sales Performance Award for 2023, underscoring our strong partnership with Keysight Technologies. Furthermore, as element14’s newly authorized distributor in India, Farnell has demonstrated agility in introducing new products

Kari Fauber, VP Global Partner Sales & ecommerce and Alessandro Pino, EMEAI Senior Sales Director said,’ “Congratulations to Farnell for outstanding performance of Keysight’s high service distribution channel. This award reflects Farnell’s best-in-class sales performance, which was achieved through great marketing collaboration, significant inventory investment and sales effort, and most importantly serving customers. We also want to thank Farnell for their rapid introduction of new products, and for becoming our first high service distribution partner in India.’’

Lee Turner, VP Supplier & Product Management Farnell, said, ‘’Receiving the EMEAI Sales Performance Award from Keysight Technologies is truly an honor for us at Farnell. We are immensely proud of our partnership with Keysight and remain dedicated to surpassing expectations. We look forward to building further upon this success and achieving even greater milestones together going forwards.”


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