Factory Automation Partner Industrial Control Strengthens Kassow Robots’ Solutions and Education Platform

Kassow Robots, a developer of 7-axis cobots for machine tending, material handling, and related applications, has partnered with Industrial Control (Zeeland, Michigan, USA), a factory automation distribution specialist.

Many applications in manufacturing still require a human touch. The combination of Kassow Robots’ KR series of 7-axis cobots and Industrial Control’s solutions allows humans and robots to work together to efficiently complete repetitive tasks and those that require the highest accuracy, such as quality assurance.

“Industrial Control is a perfect partner for intelligent robotic solutions,” says Dieter Pletscher, the head of global sales at Kassow Robots. “To ensure success, their team utilizes the combined expertise of engineers, factory support, and partners like us to provide automation solutions, products, and training.”

Finding skilled workers has become increasingly difficult. This partnership can advance automation manufacturing and help close the skills gap by providing engineers, technicians, and operators valuable experience through Industrial Control’s training and Kassow Robots’ flexible and easy-to-use software programming.

“Adding Kassow Robots’ lightweight cobots to our portfolio offers terrific opportunities for our customers,” says Mark Ermatinger, CEO of Industrial Control. “The cobots are easy to use and quick to integrate for manufacturing operations in the medical, semiconductor, and electronics industries. The KR series’ payload, reach, speed, and ability to work safely with humans can help increase automation adoption at both small- and medium-sized companies.”

The 7-axis cobots provide a reach of about 3–6 feet (850–1800 mm) and payloads around 11–40 pounds (5–18 kg) to automate a variety of tasks. The 7th axis enables continuous dispensing, welding, and material removal applications regardless of access angle, without the need to reorient the arm.

Meet Kassow Robots (Booth 926) and Industrial Control (Booths 700 and 712) at the Advanced Manufacturing Expo, August 11–12 in Grand Rapids, MI.


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