ECIA Releases New Episode of “Channel Channel” Podcast

ECIA’s CEO and President David Loftus recorded an insight-filled interview with Cloud guru Bob Evans that goes deep into an analysis of the top Cloud companies and the implications for the industry. Bob Evans is Founder and Principal of Evans Strategic Communications and creator of Cloud Wars, a unique website that ranks and analyzes the most influential tech companies. The two spend some time at 30,000 feet, pondering the big questions about current and future trends in the tech industry and what the recovery is likely to look like. It is a fascinating discussion covering Cloud Wars’ Top 10, the nature of innovation, and why keeping the customer first is the most important marker of success.

“In the past 11 months, the tech industry has risen to the challenge of this COVID-19 emergency,” Evans commented. “Imagine if your member companies had to come up with their own meeting application when the quarantines started. Zoom was able to scale to accommodate millions of employees very quickly; Workday pivoted to focus on employee wellness; and on and on. These companies acted very heroically to do some very good things.”

“The component industry is a beneficiary of the billions of dollars of investment coming from the Cloud companies,’ added Loftus. “Bob Evans’ deep experience with the Cloud, and his research about the intense competition among companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Salesforce give him a unique perspective,” added Loftus. “The Cloud is driving much of the tech industry. Understanding these dynamics is essential to strategic planning for all of us.”

The podcast can be accessed at ECIA Podcasts – The Channel Channel (

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