ECIA Posts Latest Channel Channel Podcast: Peter Heigis CEO of mETaL

ECIA’s CEO David Loftus hosts Peter Heigis, CEO of mETaL, on the latest episode of The Channel Channel podcast. The two discuss the progress of the implementation of an ETL solution to automate the transfer of data between electronics industry Manufacturers, Distributors and Independent Manufacturer Reps.

ETL – which stands for Extract, Transfer, Load – refers to a software solution that enables automated data exchange between CRM systems. This initiative was created to address:

  • Manufacturer real-time data needs
  • Independent Manufacturers’ need to sync opportunity data across multiple supplier CRM’s
  • Distributor expedited speed requests
  • Reduction in systemic industry inefficiencies
  • Automated and standardized processes between disparate CRMs

The discussion focused on the roll-out of the “mETaL” protocol that has now been adopted by dozens of ECIA members. Peter explains the pricing model in detail, how the network of users has gained traction, and feedback from the implementation.

“In today’s world of leveraging Big Data, the mETaL SaaS platform is different than other offerings, as we do not store or harvest any of our customers’ sensitive data,” Heigis noted. “mETaL is simply a “conduit” that provides a smart ‘cross-platform’ protocol that enables companies to transform and transfer their data to and from any other CRM worldwide.”

“This initiative is right in the middle of the ECIA wheelhouse,” Loftus continued. “Enabling efficiencies between the component manufacturers and their channel partners is what we are all about. The time savings achieved by connecting disparate CRM systems cannot be overstated. Entering and re-entering data in different manufacturers’ CRM systems is extremely inefficient. Peter’s solution solves a very real industry challenge.”

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For more information about the Automated Exchange Initiative, including a demonstration video of the mETaL program, go to Automated Data Exchange Initiative (

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