ECIA Launches Revised Quarterly DTAM Report

ECIA members have identified research on the Americas DTAM market as a top priority. In response to the need for research in this area ECIA has developed and published detailed TAM and DTAM data for North America, Americas and Worldwide with regional splits for Capacitors, Resistors, and Inductors. The worldwide data publication is a joint effort with other regional associations that comprise the World Passive Trade Statistics (WPTS) organization. More recently, ECIA has developed detailed Americas DTAM data for Discrete Semiconductors. All of this research is provided exclusively to the companies that participate in the surveys.

“During 2021 ECIA has expanded its DTAM research for the Americas and published detailed data for the Top 50 North America Authorized Distributors working with the publication Electronics Sourcing,” explained Chief Analyst Dale Ford. “This research provided a foundation for sizing the total Americas DTAM market by major product categories. Using this Americas sizing data, ECIA surveyed its members and used analysis of the results to create regional DTAM sizing for 20 major Americas regions. This research has been delivered to all ECIA members.”

ECIA has conducted analysis of multiple data sets to develop quarterly DTAM estimates for the Americas for detailed component categories. This report and the associated Excel Workbook deliver the detailed results of this research and analysis to ECIA members.












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