ECIA Hosts Lectrix Webinar on Building Growth with Actionable Sales Data

ECIA is pleased to host its Service Partner Lectrix in an informative 2-part webinar series on identifying and leveraging Actionable Sales Data (ASD). Lectrix CEO, Graham Kilshaw takes us through how the Lectrix approach first identifies the cornerstone of their clients’ growth plans, and then how they use that metric to build a measurable sales and marketing plan.

“Every company in the electronic components industry can point to one or two metrics that are directly related to their sales success and growth,” explained Kilshaw. “Over the last five years, Lectrix has identified nine (9) of these actionable sales data metrics across different business models. In this webinar series, companies will learn how to transform that data into sales growth.”

Register today and join us for “Identify Your Component Company’s Actionable Sales Data (ASD) – It’s vital to building successful growth plans.” The second webinar (9/22/2021) will focus on building the right marketing plan for the key metric that drives your component company’s growth. Register for either webinar or both – click here

Company: ECIA

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