ECIA Announces Executive Conference Keynote Speaker

ECIA Executive Conference planning committee is pleased to name Bob Evans as one of the speakers at this year’s event, Charting the Course Forward. His presentation is titled, ‘Revolution in the Cloud: How Industry-Specific Clouds are Disrupting How Businesses Operate.” 

As one of the world’s leading analysts of the Cloud industry and the global phenomenon of digital transformation, Bob will delve into why the Cloud matters. Today, two billion people around the world want to live digitally enhanced lifestyles – and the only way businesses can keep up with two billion digitally driven people is to harness the power of the Cloud. Industry specific clouds are allowing businesses to focus on customer experience, speed, and innovation. What will this mean to your business?  

“The pandemic has accelerated the digitalization of the electronic component industry, and to achieve all the advantages of Industry 4.0, it’s clear that will involve moving more of the supply chain into the Cloud,” commented Chairman Mark Conley, O’Donnell Associates North. “I’m looking forward to hearing Bob Evans’ discussion, which will shed light on what the Cloud means to our business.” 

“Bob Evans started the Cloud Wars content platform in 2016 after leaving Oracle,” explained Debbie Conyers, ECIA Vice President of Member Engagement. “He quickly became a leading resource in this fast-moving, explosive field. I think attendees will find this presentation eye-opening.”

This year’s Executive Conference theme Charting the Course Forward captures the industry’s main challenge: to imagine and prepare for post-pandemic business conditions where continued volatility and supply chain disruption are bound to be the new normal. The program reflects the enormous task companies face as they map their strategic plan for 2022. The scarcity of skilled labor, component shortages, inflation and continued global geopolitical uncertainty will require leaders to take full advantage of the most current forecast data and innovative thinking. 

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