E-Paper Display Suitable for Smart City Applications

Display Technology Ltd are pleased to announce the new EDP-3133 series, ‘E-Paper Display’, part of the embedded display solutions from Avalue Technology Inc, based in Taiwan. This is suitable for use as a public information display in IoT and smart city applications such as smart bus stop signs and real-time public transport information systems.

The new 31” display features 16-level grayscale black and white and 180° viewing angle with high quality viewing even under strong light thanks to the E-Paper technology. This technology also offers low power consumption and bistability, retaining a static image even when powered off.

The EPD-3133 offers an open frame embedded design controlled with Intel Celeron Apollo Lake CPU making it easy to integrate into any public installation.

The EPD-3133 is lightweight, slim and easy to install, there are options to add touchscreen and a front lighting module to assist viewing in low light environments. Further more the EDP-3133 supports LAN/WiFi/LTE allowing the provision for real-time information, delivering warnings, notifications and public announcements remotely.

In terms of content management, Avalue provides link up between frontend and backend APIs and sample codes. Users may develop programs, organize content and publish processes in accordance with individual requirements and user experience, fully experiencing its flexibility and changes. To further optimize content management, users may choose either Win 10 or Android 8.1. EPD-3133 E-Paper information display solution makes it easy for users to link up frontend and backend, and update information in real time, e.g. real-time display of bus schedule, bus routes and weather forecasts. When combined with wireless transmission, E-Paper used in office or logistics scenarios can replace traditional single-use paper posters and labels.

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