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“Loyalty is one of our Dynamic EMS leadership traits”, John Dignan, MD of Dynamic EMS explains. “Loyalty and trust are fundamental attributes of any relationship, whether in your personal or professional life. We have had some of the same supply chain partners for over 18 years because those two principles are in place for both parties. From us to our supplier, and from our supplier to us. As it is a two-way street, we ask our supplier to assess and guide us on how we can ensure that we are always easy to do business with. That’s not typical in the Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) industry, where relationships tend to be adversarial. We at Dynamic EMS, however, foster a culture where our partnerships are mutually respectful. We believe that our supply chain base is an integral function of our business.”


Dynamic EMS differs in the way it does business with its supply chain partners, and how they source their much-needed component parts to fullfil their customers build. Like a lot of their UK based competitors, they could go to any catalogue supplier’s website, purchase their required stock remotely, find what they need, as and when they need it, click on a button, and buy. But they don’t.


The difference that a well-formed relationship makes is clear. Dynamic EMS can control sourcing costs and the supply chain. The company can measure that it’s not only getting the right solution for its current business needs, but also ensure that it continues to work with purchasing professionals who understand the actual nature of their business, for long-term gain. Understanding where challenges exist within the EMS supply chain cycle is crucial to securing a robust service based on forecasting fluctuations, combined with supply and demand pressures.


“We depend on our suppliers on a day-to-day basis. Their commitments to us filter down from our planners and buyers, to our shop floor and operations. To guarantee a reliable sourcing stream takes an investment of time to work with the same suppliers, day in, day out, to the point where transactions are seamless and transparent.” John concludes.


As an example of the steps that Dynamic EMS takes to build sustainable partnerships, Samtec, one of the company’s preferred connector suppliers, was invited to the Dalgety Bay manufacturing base. Within this location, Dynamic EMS designs, develops and distributes electronic equipment for their Original Equipment Manufacturing [OEM] customers, across a diverse portfolio of market segments; aviation, communications, energy, industrial and medical.


Paul Freeman, Supply Chain Manager, was keen to highlight; “Samtec Connectors are placed within some of our most high-reliability builds. We trust their product and the quality of their manufacturing so much, that we place them into products that can actually save lives or help to keep a life safe.” This trust comes from knowing one another well and ensuring the products meeting rigorous industry quality and verification standards .”


Elizabeth Hilton, Field Sales Engineer, states; “Our products do what they say they will do, and we provide a higher level of service and support. It’s quite simple. This is why we offer a very specific technical service to our customers and become their preferred interconnect solution. There is an unprecedented need for speed in the supply chain, an urgency to source and manufacture. We are known in the industry for our engineering support and our ‘sudden service’ offering. This means we can deliver a sample service within 24 hours, with the delivery of approved samples within 2 – 3 days. That’s our market differentiator, and in a market where speed counts, this matters. Speed is nothing however, without technical know-how, which is why our service is backed up by 125 global engineers, specialising in both mechanical and electrical engineering. With a batch size variance of one through to 10,000’s, there is no barrier to engagement, from start-ups to volume manufacturing, Samtec scales in accordance with our customer’s requirements, and not vice-versa.”


Paul Freeman states, “Elizabeth’s comments resonate, you can tell that Samtec has built a business model that responds to the environment in which it operates. It’s designed for partners like Dynamic EMS to be able to achieve economies of scale. Samtec does business with likeminded parties, and we at Dynamic EMS strive to do business with suppliers that we believe are a cultural fit for our business, our model, and our customer’s needs and wants.


Elizabeth concludes; “It’s partners like Dynamic EMS that help us to learn, grow and progress. We share intelligence and insights to maximise operational efficiency. We enjoy our working relationship and we are glad that Dynamic EMS recognises the benefits of face-to-face engagement and interaction. We respect the fact that other EMS companies select online cataloguers, but we are glad that Dynamic EMS doesn’t, and we look forward to continuing to do business in a like-minded way.”


About Samtec Inc.

Founded in 1976, Samtec is a privately held, $713 million global manufacturer of a broad line of electronic interconnect solutions, including IC-to-Board and IC Packaging, High Speed Board-to-Board, High Speed Cables, Mid-Board and Panel Optics, Flexible Stacking, and Micro/Rugged components and cables. Samtec Technology Centers are dedicated to developing and advancing technologies, strategies and products to optimize both the performance and cost of a system from the bare die to an interface 100 meters away, and all interconnect points in between. With 33 locations in 18 different countries, Samtec’s global presence enables its unmatched customer service. For more information, please visit; http://www.samtec.com.


About Dynamic EMS

At Dynamic EMS, we understand that no two-electronic equipment manufacturing customers are the same. Their products, their supply chains, and their markets all differ, which is why Dynamic EMS offer a tailor-made, customised electronics manufacturing services, to customers with complex, highly-diversified business.

From design to distribution, we enable our customers to be more competitive by bringing innovative solutions to market faster with a commitment to quality in everything we do. Dynamic EMS – Your Product Solutions Architect.

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