Dynamic cable clamp for Stäubli rail power connectors

Dynamic cable clamp for Stäubli rail power connectors

 The MPC Modular Power Connector range from Stäubli Electrical Connectors is used in rail power applications. Where the cables are regularly moved, such as when connecting and disconnecting rolling stock, the cables need to be clamped where they enter the MPC to prevent damage from repeated flexing.

 Stäubli has introduced a Dynamic Cable Option that is directly mounted on the MPC to provide this strain relief, saving customers from producing their own devices, which are often complicated, expensive and take up more space.

 Available for one to four poles and in MPC sizes 1 and 2, the DCO can be mounted without modification on straight and the forthcoming right-angled connectors. The cable is centred, with different diameter inserts available according to the outer cable diameter and its tolerance.

 This type of cable stabilisation is needed on all types of rolling stock, including locomotives, electric multiple units, metros and tramways, for inter-carriage and body to motor / bogie connections.

 The unit can save crucial time when connecting / disconnecting carriages at peak periods, and also speeds up maintenance. The added protection for connectors and cables can also improve maintenance intervals and reduce expenditure on spare parts.

The Dynamic Cable Option can be directly mounted on Stäubli’s Modular Power Connector for rail applications.


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