Don’t get confused but Electronic Assembly is now DISPLAY VISIONS

One of trusted suppliers of SOS electronic and the manufacturer of industrial displays Electronic Assembly has changed its business name to DISPLAY VISION. The new name will be more intuitive for the customers and there will not be any hesitation about which products the manufacturer produces. (1-minute reading)

The manufacturer, by the change of the business name, intended to confirm the main focus of their business. Which has been the intelligent displays and HMI solutions, as well as custom-made displays for more than 20 years.

Their product portfolio ranges from simple character and graphic displays (LCDs) for example for measuring devices up to sophisticated intelligent color touch display modules (TFT).

DISPLAY VISIONS thanks to their own research and development department guarantees a high level of product quality and the ability to introduce the finished products to market significantly faster and at a lower cost.

You can find industrial displays from DISPLAY VISIONS in SOS electronic product range.

They will be happy to provide you with more information at

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