Choose Rohm’s IPX8 rated barometric pressure sensor IC for accuracy

Rohm’s new compact high accuracy barometric pressure sensor IC is ideal for home appliances, industrial equipment, and compact IoT devices.

Barometric pressure sensors have become popular in wearables and smartphones for indoor navigation, and for acquiring altitude data in activity meters. In recent years, as applications have expanded, there has been an increased demand for waterproof and smaller barometric pressure sensors that are robust and resistant to external disturbances.

In response, ROHM developed a new compact barometric pressure sensor that is waterproof and strong against both temperature fluctuations and mechanical stress. The BM1390GLV combines MEMS and control circuitry cultivated in the past with original waterproof technology to deliver IPX8 waterproof performance in a compact 2.0mm × 2.0mm × 1.0mm package. Furthermore, a proprietary built-in temperature compensation function ensures superior temperature characteristics, while ceramic package minimizes fluctuations of device-specific characteristics caused by mechanical stress during board mounting. These features enable high accuracy barometric pressure measurement in applications requiring waterproof performance – which was difficult to achieve until now – and in environments exposed to large temperature changes.

Going forward, ROHM will continue to develop sensors that pursue greater accuracy and reliability.

Company: Rohm Semiconductor

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