Bionetix® Biotechnology Helps Formulators Put the Natural Cleaning Power of Microbes to Work

It is easy to think of microbes as harmful organisms that spread disease. However, as in the case of penicillin, there are actually many non-pathogenic microorganisms that can be put to good use. Bionetix® International is an important player in this growing field of biotechnology, which uses microorganisms for everyday cleaning, waste maintenance, odor control, and a host of other applications that benefit users and the environment.

HYGIEA2400 is an excellent example of Bionetix’s multiple spore blend concentrates for formulating products with exceptional cleaning power and odor control. HYGIEA2400 contains “good” bacteria that biodegrade specific compounds such as grease, fats, oils, starches, proteins, and cellulose. Microorganisms in HYGIEA2400 effectively use these substances for food, leaving behind simple carbon dioxide and water as non-hazardous byproducts.

HYGIEA2400 can be used to formulate a wide array of products used for

  • Carpet and fabric care (e.g., odor and stain removal of milk, vomit, urine, feces, blood, coffee, wine, etc.)
  • Trap and drain maintenance for grease deposits and odor control
  • Waste degradation in septic tanks, wastewater systems, and composting environments (ponds, lagoons, etc.)
  • Bathroom maintenance (surface cleaning and odor control) of fixtures and floor drains
  • Odor control in garbage pails, dumpsters, garbage trucks, landfills, and municipal sludge

One distributor of natural cleaning products in Russia used HYGIEA2400 to formulate a ready to use product that helped reduce sewage contaminant discharge levels at a shopping center in Moscow. The average level of contaminants released in the sewage had exceeded discharge limits for FOG, BOD5, COD, and TSS in 2016. From April to December of 2017, the shopping center applied the product containing HYGIEA2400 and noticed a two to three times drop in contaminant indicator levels in just the first month. The client was very satisfied with the application and wrote a letter of recommendation as a result.

HYGIEA2400 has a pleasant fragrance and comes ready-to-dilute in a 10X or 20X format. It can be used undiluted in cases of high organic waste. Rinse-water containing HYGIEA2400 will also provide residual cleaning downstream.

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