Automatic photo portal for the documentation of intralogistics processes

Due to digitalisation in Industry 4.0, internal logistics is subject to constant change. Internal traceability, i.e. the tracking of goods in the warehouse or production facility, is increasingly playing a key role. Manufacturers and consumers are placing more and more emphasis on the safety and quality of products. Costly and image-damaging complaints must therefore be avoided. Automation systems can help to optimise goods control here and at the same time facilitate and accelerate the work of the operators – saving time and costs.

An example of the successful implementation of a system for internal traceability in intralogistics can be found at Schnellecke Logistics. At the Dingolfing site in Germany, a scalable quality assurance solution from Pose Automation GmbH in Kleve ensures comprehensive photo documentation for incoming and outgoing goods inspection. The P.Portal used in a logistics hall takes over the analysis and documentation of the condition of the goods and uses bright USB3 Vision industrial cameras from IDS.

The P.Portal is used at Schnellecke to inspect containers with components. For the purpose of documentation and proof in the event of complaints, the filled containers must be photographed. Up to now, employees with digital cameras have taken over this part manually – now four cameras from the uEye CP family each take photos of the corresponding containers. Thanks to a trigger sensor, this happens with repeated accuracy and completely automatically. The PC-based multi-camera system displays and simultaneously stores the image data.

The cameras are mounted on a bridge-like construction under which the containers to be documented are passed. Triggered by a distance sensor, these containers are automatically photographed from 4 sides (front/rear/left/right) as they pass through.

Company: IDS

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