Anritsu Introduces Machine Learning Software to Optimize 5G UE mmWave 3D EIS Scan Test Times

New Option for Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A Improves Test Efficiency and Helps Speed UE Time-To-Market.

Anritsu Corporation is pleased to announce that its Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A has been honored with the “Best Test and Measurement Product of the Year” award at the ASPENCORE EE Awards Asia, and recognized as the top choice in the global engineering community.

The EE Awards Asia winners are selected by a committee comprised of the global editorial teams from EE Times and EDN at ASPENCORE, one of the largest electronics industry-focused media group in the world, as well as online readers and users across Asia. It’s designed to provide a recommendation annually for EE engineers as a guideline for the best design solutions. At the first EE Awards Asia ceremony held in November, around 200 electronics industry professionals and representatives attended the awards ceremony in person to celebrate the outstanding companies, products, and achievements in the electronics industry.

“We are honored that Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A has been recognized as the ’Best Test and Measurement Product of the Year’ award by the ASPENCORE’s global editorial team and the industry professionals,” said Ivan Chen, General Manager of Anritsu Company, Inc. at Taiwan. “Moving forward, Anritsu will keep pace with the latest technological developments with a wealth of experience in Test and Measurement industry and will continue to be dedicated to delivering advanced test solutions to meet the test needs of our partners.”

Product Outline

The Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A is an all-in-one platform supporting RF and protocol testing, functional and application operation testing, beam characteristics testing and more. As well as supporting both NSA and SA-mode base-station simulation functions required for development of 5G chipsets and terminals, it also covers FR1 frequency bands, including 600 MHz, 2.5 GHz, 3.5 GHz, 4.5 GHz, and 6-GHz unlicensed bands, as well as the FR2 24 GHz, 28 GHz, 39 GHz, and 43 GHz mmWave bands, to support all the main bands used by 5G services. Additionally, MT8000A supports the functions required for high-speed communications, such as 4×4 MIMO in FR1, 8CC and 256QAM in FR2 as well as supporting the latest 3GPP Release 16 features. Furthermore, the MT8000A provides a versatile and efficient test environment that is easily configured using a simple user interface and software to test device performance.

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