Another UK first, for CEM Gemini Tec Ltd.

As part of a planned £250,000 factory upgrade in 2018, Gemini Tec (G-Tec) have now installed the latest Asscon VP2000 fully in-line vapour phase reflow oven. The first of this new leading-edge model to be sold into the UK, making Gemini Tec the only UK based contract manufacture using an in-line vapour phase reflow oven of its kind.

In Gemini Tec’s 40th year of trading, this latest investment has been made to further its market position in delivering fast production orders for high complexity and high mix PCBA products.

The VP2000-210 is the companies second vapour phase reflow oven to be purhcased from ASSCON Systemtechnik Elektronik GmbH, via its UK agent Zen Production Equipment. The new VP2000 oven provides a marked increase in capacity for vapour phase reflow and is coupled with one of Gemini’s MYcronic Synergy SMT lines and MYcronic solder jet printers.

Vapour Phase reflow provides significant advantages over standard convection ovens, by removing the need to create numerous custom based thermal profiles, for each board type produced. Vapour phase reflow delivers uniform solder joints as complete PCBAs are submersed in Galden, until each device has reached the optimum reflow conditions, without exceeding a set maximum temperature. The whole process is completed within a controlled environment, eliminating dry joints, voiding and inconsistencies.

The vapour phase reflow process is best suited to complex and high mix PCBA assemblies that use BGA, QFN and leadless devices, with small process windows, perfectly meeting the requirements of Gemini Tec’s growing customer base.

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