AmbiMate MS4 Multi-Sensor Module cuts time to market for smart building systems

TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectivity and sensors, has launched the AmbiMate MS4 multi-sensor module that integrates the most popular set of sensors needed for most smart building solutions. Because engineers can use the pre-engineered module instead of up to seven individual sensors, it reduces the time required to research, source and integrate multiple sensors. This reduces time to market and frees up resources to work on other aspects of smart building system designs.

Different AmbiMate module options are available to meet different specifications. A basic version has the four core sensors of passive infrared, ambient light, temperature and humidity to enable control of heating and lighting. However, customers can choose to add a microphone and / or equivalent carbon dioxide and volatile organic compound (VOC) sensors for features such as voice activation and air quality management.

Jonathan Catchpole, System Architect at TE Connectivity’s Industrial business said: “Engineers face the challenges of looming deadlines, unforeseen technical obstacles and high expectations. We designed the AmbiMate sensor module as the best possible set of sensors for intelligent buildings so that Engineers can focus their efforts on the aspects of their project that set their product apart from the competition, whether that is cloud integration, software or meeting the WELL Building Standard.”

The sensor module is available to buy as a standalone printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) in bulk and also as a developer kit. The developer kit includes multiple attachment options to give developers flexibility in the mechanical fit and connection inside their product housing. Electronics developers can plug an AmbiMate module into a host controller like a Raspberry Pi or Arduino device and start collecting data within 30 minutes with support of code that is freely available on The module is compatible with the I2C communication protocol.

The AmbiMate sensor module is available from electronics distributors for as little as  $19.50 per unit for the core set of sensors.

The WELL Building Standard is a set of requirements for buildings that are designed to help people and communities thrive. It is owned by the International WELL Building Institute and is focused on improving comfort and productivity through enhanced control of the environment in and around buildings. Because the AmbiMate sensor module collects data on building temperature, light, occupancy and air quality, it has potential to form a part of building management and intelligent control systems that are designed to meet the WELL Building Standard. 

For more product information, visit the TE website.

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