Alps Alpine Develops Compact Solderless Waterproof Detector Switch

Alps Alpine Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of high-quality electronic products, has developed a SPVQ8 Series detector switch for use in detecting the opening and closing of side doors, hoods and other vehicle doors.

Electrification of vehicles is progressing and cars are becoming lighter. The electronic components inside them therefore need to be smaller and lighter, too.

The detector switch recently developed by Alps Alpine is intended for open/shut detection of side doors, hoods and other vehicle doors, as well as connection detection e.g. for seatbelt buckles. Each car has around 10 such products. This SPVQ8 Series detector switch has an optimized terminal shape – a short fork terminal – achieved using high-precision die manufacturing and stamping technology. This has reduced the overall thickness of the product by 25%, thereby contributing to thinner, lighter customer equipment. It is a solderless design – a popular feature of existing models allowing one-touch board mounting. The use of a double-sided sliding contact ensures stable contact even in shock and vibration environments.


  1. Compact terminal for a 25% thinner design
  2. Use of double-sided sliding contact ensures stable contact even in shock and vibration environments
  3. Allows environmentally friendly solderless connections
  4. Dust and water resistance

The scope of automotive detector switch applications is gradually widening. Besides their principle use in door open/shut detection, there is growing demand for application to functions like detection of electric vehicle charger connection and smart rear-view mirror on/off detection. Alps Alpine has been manufacturing and supplying detector switches for automotive use for more than 20 years and will continue developing products in response to the needs of the market. Mass production of this SPVQ8 Series detector switch will begin in September 2019.

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