“All 3M Touch Products have been made End of Life!”

In a significant announcement 3M announced on 24th July 2020 they will exit the 3M touch systems business and discontinue all Surface Capacitive (SCT), Projected Capacitive (PCAP) and display products currently in production.  3M (previously Microtouch) have been a leading manufacturer in the displays’ world for over three decades with a many key industries including Gaming, Kiosk, EPOS and ATM using this technology, But Crystal Display Systems can help companies with sourcing, stocking and alternative drop in replacements.


Last time buy order deadline is 31st October 2020 and last shipments will be no later than 31st March 2021.  The last time buy orders will be non-cancellable and non-returnable.  Contact Crystal Display Systems Ltd (CDS) for the official 3M statement.


CDS have been supplying touch products into these industries for many years and would be happy to discuss an alternative supply with any customers using the 3M technology.  CDS are able to offer standard and bespoke touch screens up to 90” diagonal and would aim to match the mechanics of the existing design to ensure the minimal amount of disruption.


Their engineers have ongoing investigations to see if they can offer a compatible SCT controller for those customers who may not be able to use the new HID protocol controllers. CDS also have the capability to work with custom protocols to ensure ongoing continuity / support.


CDS bespoke solutions allow for shaped glass with cut-outs / holes.  They can custom rear screen print the touch to give a simple printed bezel through to a fully branded solution with icons/logo etc.  This is available with little or no tooling and available in small production quantities.


Glass thickness is available up to 10mm thick to give a rugged solution, and the glass is available with AR or AG surface treatments

Additional products to consider...