Added Choices for Zygology Customers with New Compact Electronic Slide Bolts from Southco

Available now at Zygology, Southco’s new EM-05-4 and EM-05-05 Series Mini Electronic Slide Bolts further extend the successful Electronic Slide Bolt range with new and even more compact designs that integrate an electronic lock with a position sensing & door sensing latch bolt, allowing for simple monitoring of door & latch status with added security & simplifies the upgrade from mechanical to electromechanical latching.

By implementing Southco’s tried and tested gear motor technology the new EM-05 slide bolts feature high-energy efficiency and require no power draw to maintain either fully open or locked positions, and provide a reliable alternative to the traditional, but inefficient solenoid solutions

The EM-05-04 Electronic Slide Bolt series is highly versatile & provides a simplified solution to enable electronically controlled access for the control & monitoring of drawers, doors, cabinets & equipment access panels ranging from mobile pharmaceutical dispensing tablet trollies to retail cabinets and cash drawers. Sensors allow both the latch and drawer positions to be independently monitored for extra security.

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